About The Adventure Camp


*Our camp originates in Weiser, Idaho and we are building three more camp, one in Detroit, Michigan /Sacramento, California and Folsom, California.



* Build character

* Cultivate self esteem

* Improve academic performance

* Develop positive attitudes

* Inspire self motivation

* Make positive choices when faced with critical challenges

* Improve interpersonal relations among peers

* Make positive health decisions

* Honor and serve community



* Over 3 million referrals of CHILD ABUSE & NEGLECT are received by state and local agencies each year – 6 referrals every minute. (1)

* Over 1.2 million students per year drop out of school in the United States. (2)

* 30% of teenagers in the US have been involved in bullying. Either as a bully or a victim. (2)

* Juvenile detention facilities are overcrowded. Average US cost $240 per day per youth. Annual expense $5.7 billion per year. (2)


* 100% of our kids now have a mentor

* Daily average attendance improved from 64% to 92%.

* A reduction in discipline incidents of a combined 80% from 2013 to 2014.

* Improved to 0% incidents with law enforcement.

* Increased involvement in community organization.