Camping in Midvale

Hello Everyone,

I am taking a chance at writings Todd’s Trail. So, today we can call it Ari’s Trail.
I truly can not take the place of my brother Todd’s blogs, but I will do my best.

We are going into our third year of ARROW-HEART Adventure Camps and we are on our way to building up a fantastic new campsite and ropes course where our teens can get away from their day to day pressures and learn about the beauty and solitude of what it means to be part of the outdoors. We all love the comforts of home, no doubt about that. We love our technology, our amenities and our conveniences. However, once you can pull yourself outside the box, outside of your comfort zone, life becomes something different.

Our young campers got to experience that two weekends ago and find a great camaraderie between peers and coaches. Not only that, our campers were working hard to build their very own ropes course that they will be doing amazing one on one and team building exercises on. We are still working on our fundraiser of $1,500.00 to complete the purchase of our zip line and cargo net. Which you can see in the photos the campers have already been able to construct and attempt to climb. They were very proud!

When it comes to getting up and doing something that may feel uncomfortable these teens have outdone themselves. I am so proud and happy to see their progress. I’m a proud momma from afar. What more can I say except to continue to watch the hard work of our coaches and the dedication of our promising teens.

I hope you can help us meet our goal for the ropes course. Click below to help.
Our Campaign