“One great thing a day”!

In today’s world everything moves so quickly. I’m sure I don’t even have to explain, but of course I will.  I am pretty sure most of us say on a continual basis…where did the day go? We need things instantly now a days and we have forgotten to slow down and remember how to ENJOY! We are stressed getting from one place to another. We can be angry drivers and in some large accounts we have forgotten to be considerate.

Many years ago I decided to personally slow my life down and thought that if I do “One great thing a day” then I have made a difference in my life and hopefully in someone’s life around me. We then become a “ripple in the water”. We have patients. We leave early to get to places on time and we make room to be kind to others. The “ripple” is the effect we have on others. That moment you make someone feel better they continue on to have a happier day and hopefully in return help someone else and hence we have created our own “ripple”.

I know I am not saying anything new and profound. It’s just a reminder that we literally effect the closest people to us. “Do one great thing a day” and watch the world around you change!

Where am I going with this? Just take a look at these kids faces in both our Idaho and Detroit camp and you will see what I mean. Coach Mandi, Rachel and Major Steve in Idaho creating that “ripple in the water”. Oh and the dance is priceless! Our former AH Camper turned AH Jr. Mentor coaching Major Steve.

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Coach Jordan has done and incredible job building trust with our kids in Detroit! A few weeks ago Detroit SWAT came to visit the kids and showed our campers some of their gear plus helped some of them gain interest in a future career.


We also have great videos …..coming soon….of our campers explaining “why they make a good friend”.

This weekend March 19th we are able to give our Detroit campers a treat at the Cobo Center to explore at the “Discover the Dinosaurs” exhibit.

Thank you to all who contributed to make this a special day!