Season Finale Camping Trip

Our June 11-14th camping trip to McCall was a success thanks to my Coaches, Mentors and Senior Mentors. They made my job a breeze. Our caravan to McCall on Thursdays afternoon took us the better part of two hours to reach Ponderosa Park. Our teens (Damia, Conor, Victoria and Tia) and their Senior Mentors (Christian, Wyatt and Drew) did a fantastic job of working together. The entire experience for our teens could not have flowed better.


Yolanda Robinson was given a nick name (Yo-licious) by the teens, after preparing the Thursday night meal with a hint of Southern hospitality (Baked chicken, Mac-n-cheese and Cornbread).  After filling their stomach, the teens all went for a walk down to the Payette Lake to check out the Sunset, before heading for the Club to work out and swim. The rest of the evening was spent just sitting around the campfire listening to Native American music.


Friday morning  after having a good night’s rest, I conducted a brief class on map and compass reading and identified the challenge for our hike up Boulder Mountain. Rachel and Mandy prepared breakfast (Pancakes, bacon, scrambled eggs, orange juice and fruit). Following breakfast, the teens were gathered around the campfire area and Rachel, Mandy, Joey and Yoli performed an ice breaker with a roll of toilet paper. You’ll have to check out the video for that one. We then circled our wagons and headed for Lower Boulder Lake Reservoir.  The trek up the side of the mountain was calculated to be about 4.2 miles, give or take a few feet. The entire hike took about 2 hours to get to the plateau of Upped Boulder Lake. Well, the teens did a fine job of using the terrain feature on the map and their compasses to find their way to the top. We gathered at the top to enjoy lunch (MRE’s) and take a few pictures before heading back down the mountainside.

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Upon returning to the condo, my staff then took the teens over to the indoor pool to put them through some swimming challenges. Joey and Conor played some racket ball afterwards. Rachel and Mandy prepared an Italian feast of Spaghetti, garlic bread and salad at the condo. Rachel, Mandy and Joey spent the night out at the camp with the teens and discovered that the temperatures do drop significantly in the evening hours, especially when their leader leaves the windows to the RV open all day. They had fun with glow sticks that night around the campfire before turning in.


Saturday morning after breakfast, the teens had some free time to do what they wanted to do, before heading to the North end of the Lake after lunch, to launch the canoes. The water out on the lake was a bit choppy, but all of the teens had life preservers and were with a mentor in each canoe. (Safety First)!! We all then retreated back to the campsite where we let the teens decide how they wanted to end their evening in McCall. The decision was made to return to the condo where they could use the Clubhouse and swimming pool. I prepared a BBQ for dinner out on the patio at the condo. The hamburgers and hot dogs were graciously donated by Ridley’s grocery store in Weiser. Mrs. Fenske prepared a strawberry whipped cream salad for us to take up and enjoy. She also bought graham crackers, marshmallows and Hershey’s  chocolate bars for us to make SMORES. We all had a relaxing evening, before turning in for the night.


Sunday morning came early for everyone. We prepared a lite breakfast and arranged to fix sandwiches at the Greenhouse upon our return to Weiser.  My Coaches, Mentors, Senior Mentors and Volunteers did a great job of insuring the safety and protection of each and everyone one of our teens and for that I am very grateful!


Until next time….

Steve Fenske ‘The MAJOR”