ARROW-HEART in Michigan

We are excited to announce ARROW-HEART ADVENTURE CAMPS is coming to MICHIGAN!

ARROW-HEART ADVENTURE CAMPS and the MICHIGAN DNR OUTDOOR ADVENTURE CENTER are joining forces to provide an after school TEEN MENTORSHIP program in September 2015.
“Detroit Outdoor Adventure Center”

ARROW-HEART ADVENTURE CAMPS is a non-profit organization committed to EMPOWERING YOUNG TEENS through indoor/outdoor adventures. We have been inspiring young teens at ARROW-HEART ADVENTURE CAMPS: IDAHO since 2007.  We are now expanding our reach to DETROIT.

Welcome an EXCITING NEW APPROACH to helping our MICHIGAN YOUTH that reaches beyond the neighborhood Rec Centers. ARROW-HEART uses proactive engaging activities where teens learn commitment, communication, compassion, credibility, critical thinking and character though adventure. We need community leaders like you to maximize the potential of our after school “ADVENTURES” Monday thru Thursday 3:30-6:00pm.

Please help sponsor Detroit by supporting our campers. It’s one click away!