Camp Updates

November Schedule



(November 23rd)

TIME                                                EVENT                                                            INSTRUCTOR

09:00 – 10:30            Cross-Fit Training – WHS                        Levi/Todd/Jenn

10:30 – 12:00            Indianhead Bowhunters                        Coaching & Staff

Leadership Training – @ C’s

(Communication/Critical thinking)

12:00 – 12:45            Working Lunch (Grid Iron)                        Staff Organized

12:45 –  2:00            Travel to Boise                        All Personnel

(Parental Waivers Required)

2:00 –  4:00            Paintball Challenge                         Coaching & Staff

(Dress Warm)

4:00 –  5:30            Travel to Weiser                        All Personnel

5:30 –  6:30            Personal Time                        All Personnel

(Prep for Dinner)

6:30 –  7:00            Social Gathering                        All Personnel

(Community Church)

7:00 –  8:00            Dinner                        Staff Organized

Thanksgiving Dinner

8:00 –  8:30            AAR (After Action Review)                        Staff/Teens


Community Service Project & Rescue Training

Community Service Project

ARROW-HEART Teens work to paint a new sign for their local recycling center.

Rescue Challenge

ARROW-HEART Adventure Campers simulate an emergency outdoor rescue, directed at building Critical Thinking & Communications skills.

Teen’s Task ~ Rock Wall Climbing Certification

Belay Rock Climbing Certification

ARROW-HEART Teens are moving forward and moving up! Here, Campers are shown learning the belay skill used in climbing. Belaying uses mechanical devices to secure ropes, insuring safety to the climber. Our ARROW-HEART Teens are now Certified Rock Wall Climbers!

Arrow-Heart Adventure Camp Teens become Santa’s Helpers for Christmas!

The teens of Arrow-Heart Adventure camp were honored to join forces with other Weiser volunteers to help support the annual Weiser community “Ho Ho Express” program. The “Ho Ho Expres” transports between 100 and 150 under privileged children to Wal-Mart every year to purchase gifts for their family members. This year the Arrow-Heart Adventure Camp teens became Santa’s helpers, assisting the families with their holiday selections. Financial support for this program is funded from local donations every year with Hometown Motor’s as their major contributor.

Arrow-Heart Adventure Camp Launch

On September 28, 2013 at Bodies in Motion Ropes Course in Boise, Idaho, these teens partnered up on the ropes course. One was blind folded and the other had to guide their team mate across the course.

This is the launch of ARROW-HEART Adventure Camps
On September 28, 2013 at Bodies in Motion Ropes Course in Boise, Idaho. This is Shawn Christian (Dr. Jonas, Days of our Lives”) and the marketing/branding director of AH participating with our teens.