In 2007, out of a need to give young teens a chance to live to their fullest potential, brother and sister team, actress Arianne Zucker (“Nicole” from Days of Our Lives) and her brother, Todd Zucker (School Administrator) co-created the non-profit organization ARROW-HEART Adventure Camps.

Todd and Arianne have since tested the adventure camp in three different countries, U.S. London, England, and South Africa. All to find they were able to reach the goals they were hoping for which is positive change in their young adults. Now, 5 years later they are opening their doors to their first year program starting September 28, 2013.

Our camp is based on an adventure for teens from 12-15 years of age that have reached a crossroads in their lives. “We wanted to create an environment that made these teens feel at home, feel free from judgement and succeed in ways they could never imagine” says CEO Arianne Zucker. The efforts of the ARROW-HEART Team has made this a reality and we couldn’t have done it without our Executive Team and incredible volunteers.