Dawn of a New Year 2018

To all our Arrow-Heart Adventure Camp followers. Please accept my apology for keeping you all in the dark through 2017. Many changes have taken place this past year and we are working diligently to bring you all up to date on those changes. My beautiful “Boss Lady” and Co-Founder of the program, Arianne Zucker, has pasted on the position of CEO to me, to keep her dream alive. So 2017 became a fund raising year for my Staff and Mentors in preparation for 2018.

In addition, we’ve made some changes to the program in an effort to further fund the program and still be an active force with our community. We’ve scheduled three camping events throughout the year with the first taking place on March 29th.

We are hopeful that the turn out of teens will be as successful as in years past. However, outside support and corporate sponsorship is vital for the continuation of our program.

“In the End, we only Regret the chances we didn’t take!”

Thank you in advance for all your support.

“The Major”

Stephen F. Fenske, CEO/Program Director