Bonnie Davidson

Today I am a reporter for rural Weiser, Idaho and report many of the stories and journeys that go on in Weiser and Washington County. I enjoy features the most and have had some very soulful interviews and stories that have kept my abilities fresh with my feet on the ground. I have enjoyed working for a weekly newspaper near where I grew up in Idaho and enjoy the rural landscape.

My journey in journalism began a little late but the journey has been worth the wait.

I was involved with my high school broadcast, Cougar News, as well as involved as the layout editor for our high school yearbook. Back in those days we were still working on VHS and our layouts were on huge sheets of pixel paper. I wandered away from journalism and ended up in business management. After several years working in management I decided to go back into my passion and follow my dreams to being a journalist and a writer.

I enrolled in college, starting at Pierce Community College over five years ago and as an older student I found that my real world experiences have helped me put many of my classes in journalism in a real world perspective. I moved onto Central Washington University to finish my degree in journalism and haven’t looked back.

I am graduated with a degree in Journalism with a specialization in Broadcast, but have completed most of the print specialization requirements as well.