Maria Warren

What got me attracted to Arrow-Heart was the mission statement. The purpose is to help the teens to turn their lives around and be an asset to the community. The word “help”, my husband didn’t get help, he was a trouble teen, didn’t have a home life, never went to school and always got into trouble. There was nobody to show him guidance. He had to find the right path himself and he did. Now, he is a NYPD Detective and he is a wonderful father and husband. I am so proud of what he accomplished.

To me volunteering is a blessing. It’s my way to help people. Being a stay at home mom, I had the pleasure of volunteering at my children’s school, I worked in the library, lunchroom and in the school office. I also had the luxury of spending time with my children, helping them with their homework, having dinner with them and watching them play baseball in Little League. Now they are all grown-up, I have the time and the passion to help other teens. My goal is to help them make the right choices for a productive life.

My research, knowledge and time will be beneficial for the cause.