Rachel Ann Wilson

Rachel Ann Wilson is the youngest daughter of Vice President and Program Director of ARROW-HEART, Stephen Fenske and his wife Linda. She was raised in the small community of Weiser, Idaho and is a graduate of Weiser High School. She currently lives in Fruitland, Idaho with her husband, Branden Wilson and their two sons.

In 2007 Rachel joined the Weiser Little Theater and since has performed in 6 plays. She directed one play and has held a variety of other responsibilities ranging from Lead/Supporting Actress, Stage Manager and Set Designer. Rachel takes pride in
the community that she grew up in and is proud to give back through her participation in the theater business. She also, thoroughly enjoyed pursuing her passion with acting roles in a few short films, commercials and an independent film.

In 2008 Rachel participated in and supported a military training project that helped in preparing soldiers for deployment in Iraq by role-playing real-life combat scenarios. Her participation in this project was physically and emotionally taxing and required discipline and dedicated work. Her experience was empowering, and equally, humbling to the sacrifices of the service men and women of our country, as well as, the people of Iraq. Rachel quotes, “To date, this project is the inspiration by which I have strived to be a better person, wife, mother, friend, leader and mentor. This was the most rewarding and eye opening experience of my life with the exception of the birth of my two sons”.

Rachel is currently a Sushi Chef and manager at Ogawa’s, a local restaurant/bar in Ontario, Oregon. She has great leadership and people skills which has been an asset while volunteering to help mentor teens of ARROW-HEART, throughout the past year and a half of amazing adventures. Being a loving and concerned mother of a teen herself, gives Rachel deep insight and knowledge of the guidance and encouragement that our teens need. Rachel has future hopes and dreams to see the world, but more importantly to make a positive impact on it. She is looking forward to continuing to help make a difference in the lives of teens and volunteering anyway she can to help further the cause of ARROW-HEART.