~During my trip with the ARROW-HEART group, not only did I have a lot of fun, but I also learned a lot of valuable things. I learned that in order to become a good mentor you have to set a good example for your followers. This means helping and participating as much as possible as well as having good character. It also means that you should be responsible enough to handle a situation if it goes wrong.           ~Drew 13

~ I believe I will always remember the fun I had with this group. I will always benefit from the skills I learned as well. Being a quiet person, I observe quite frequently. My favorite observation was how everyone’s attitude was so inspiring. By the word “inspiring” I mean when someone else laughed, you laughed. Everyone was so happy and loving for one another. I feel it gave me a permanent attitude adjustment and I will always think back on the memories created.      ~ Victoria 13

~ These past two trips with ARROW-HEART have been amazing! Between the two I’ve learned several facts I’ll need all throughout my lifetime. One of the main ones being to face and conquer your fears no matter how scary or weird. I’d always wanted to zip line, but was always afraid to try it. Now, if asked, I’d do it again in a heartbeat.         ~Damia 16

~ I think the trip to Caldwell and to Zip Idaho really did a lot for me. I got a chance to meet new people. I learned survival skills like how to use a map, compass and how to use the stars to locate where you are and use moss on the tree or rocks to find north, but overall I think I learned a lot.     ~Conor 14